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#1 investment newsletter in the USFor over 15 years I was a Financial Advisor and Vice President of Investments for the most respected firms on Wall Street. I was the insiders insider, but as the following Subscriber testimonies demonstrate, my decision to start the VRA has made a difference in the lives of thousands globally.

"Kip, I wanted to take out time to say thank you for making the complicated simple and applicable for a 33 year old. I have Doubled my 100k account in less than 25 days. When I first heard you speak on "possible gains" I was truly skeptical, but your words had truth and integrity. Thank you for spreading your decades of experience." SG – Toronto

"Over 100% profits for me in just one day. Never in my life did I think I would make these returns. Thanks for making this a truly Merry Christmas!" MT – New York

"Kip, you are in the zone. I act right when your updates come out, and just turned 75k into more than 200k. Thank you for leaving Wall Street and starting the VRA!" RP – Vancouver

"Kip, everyone that I saw was saying that Russia was about to collapse, and when I saw your recommendations to buy the most aggressive of all Russian investments I thought you were crazy to be honest, but then I took 300% in profits in about 30 hours. Please keep being crazy! Thank you for going where others will not." JB – San Francisco

My name is Kip Herriage and I am honored to have had the opportunity to publish the Vertical Research Advisory (VRA) for thousands of loyal subscribers globally, since 2003. The Subscriber testimonies you see above came from 2014-2015, when the VRA produced record returns of more than 1200%. Nothing makes me happier than to hear these kinds of success stories. The VRA is helping investors all over the planet to achieve these life-changing returns.

I've seen it all in my 30 years in the investment industry. And what I know today is that the vast majority of stock market investors are sick and tied of watching the Wall Street elite 1% run their scams and schemes. From rampant insider trading, to taxpayer funded bailouts of the EXACT criminals that caused the financial crisis in the first place, to a rigged investment environment that forces most investors into mutual funds that "may" return 5-10% in a good year. The bottom line is that most investors want nothing to do with Wall Street...and for good reason.

For 15 years (1985–1999) I was a top Wall Street financial advisor and venture capitalist, working at the highest levels for the most respected names in international finance. In addition to managing serious money for the elite and the companies they owned, my investment banking business worked hard to take seven companies public, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

In 1999 however, my research told me that I was, at that very moment, living through one of the greatest investing delusions of all–time; the Internet Bubble. I saw clearly that it was just a matter of time until the dot-com bubble would become the dot–bomb bust, and it was time for me to leave Wall Street in my rear view mirror once and for all. Shortly thereafter I sold my business and "retired" at the ripe old age of 38, but not before I advised my clients to get out of anything tied to the “dot com's”...a move that saved them tens of millions in losses, as the internet laden NASDAQ collapsed more than 75% over the next two years into the “dot bomb”.

In 2003, at the request of clients, I started this investment newsletter, the Vertical Research Advisory. For more than 12 years I have been a proud "equal opportunity offender"...showing my valued Subscribers exactly how the game has been rigged against them, and then showing them exactly what they can do to destroy the markets, year in and year out. As you'll see below, the VRA produced record gains for Subscribers, with 1234% in profits during 2014-2015 (with an average gain of 95.37% per trade).

Here's a sampling of my predictions and investment recommendations (all documented):

Recommended that VRA subscribers buy gold at $375/oz and silver at $4.75/oz...massive bull market began with gains of 500%+.

Recommended "Chinese Miracle" equities...gains of more than 550% followed.

Began aggressively warning investors about the coming collapse in real estate and the stock market, along with the exact steps to take. We know what happened next.

VRA Subscribers made more than 500% in less than 6 months as we made insane profits from the wild swings in the market.

VRA Subscribers made more than 1300% on my Buy Recommendation of Ivanhoe less than 10 months!

Through short sales and put options, VRA Subscribers made more than 1000% when First Solar collapsed in price from $137 to $14.

As FaceBook imploded following the IPO, Subscribers made over 500% using simple but powerful short selling and options strategies.

Locked in gains of more than 1200% using Stocks, ETF's and Options.

These timely recommendations represent a small sampling of the profit situations we have been able to lock in since 2003. NOW....the really big gains are about to begin!


I don't work for or run an "investment newsletter bucket shop". I know these publishing behemoths all too well and that means I know the games they play.

Their track records are hypothetical...and yes, that means they didn't actually achieve those results they brag about.

And when you own and publish 10-20-30...who knows how many...different newsletters that these modern day PT Barnums churn out, you had better be able to produce at least a few investments that can make money for their Subscribers.

The VRA Trading and Investing System – Crushing Wall Street Since 2003

So, how is this accomplished, and “How do we select our stocks, ETF’s and options”? A life’s work of research has been completed over the last 30 years in order to perfect the VRA Trading and Investing System. After a company has been selected as an interesting possibility (we speak with hundreds of company insiders and industry experts each year), we then begin a two-pronged approach. While we are speaking and meeting with the company’s top insiders, we are also researching their competitors, carefully analyzing SEC filings, and using proprietary fundamental and technical screens.

Bottom line; over my 30 years as an investor and financial analyst I have fine-tuned everything that I have learned…both from fundamental and technical analysis…and combined this with the benefit of having actually done this for 30 years. There’s no replacement for the knowledge that comes from experience…three decades of it…especially when that experience comes from every side of the industry/profession (15 years ON Wall Street combined with 15 years OFF Wall Street).

Make no mistake about it…the VRA Trading and Investing System is an extension of everything I’ve learned over my 30 years. I don’t issue a Buy Rec or a Sell Rec without using it, and maybe most importantly, as they say, the proofs in the pudding.

Members are updated on a regular basis with news, proprietary analysis, or a rating change on recommended companies. In addition, Subscribers can view all VRA Archived Updates going back a full decade.

The VRA Also Focuses on Short Term Trading Opportunities, Using Options and ETF’s

In addition to our focus on growth stocks, increasingly we are finding extraordinary short term trading opportunities with the use of stock/index options and ETF’s. Whether it’s the recommendation of puts/calls on market indexes, or the use of leveraged ETF’s, the VRA Trading and Investing System allows our Subscribers to dramatically increase their returns. While the VRA will never become a day trader, our short-term recommendations allow us to capitalize and profit immensely on the extremes that develop in the market.


We invite you to join our exclusive club… one in which the membership will remain small in order for us to spend our time and resources focusing on selecting the best investments for you. The initial fee for the VRA is $3995.00 USD, followed by an annual fee of $795.00 USD.

We look forward to working with you and assisting you in making the kinds of annual returns that you’ve always known existed…you’ve just never been in a position to find out about the companies until they have already doubled in price, or more.

With the Vertical Research Advisory, you will be on the inside looking out. It is the only way to consistently make serious money in the markets.

Kip Herriage Publisher/Editor, Vertical Research Advisory, LLC (est. 2003)

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