Here's a sampling of my predictions and investment recommendations (all documented):
  • 2003
    Recommended that VRA subscribers buy gold at $375/oz and silver at $4.75/oz...massive bull market began with gains of 500%+.
  • 2004
    Recommended "Chinese Miracle" equities...gains of more than 550% followed.
  • 2006 2007
    Began aggressively warning investors about the coming collapse in real estate and the stock market, along with the exact steps to take. We know what happened next.
  • 2008 2009
    VRA Subscribers made more than 500% in less than 6 months as we made insane profits from the wild swings in the market.
  • 2010 2011
    VRA Subscribers made more than 1300% on my Buy Recommendation of Ivanhoe less than 10 months!
  • 2012
    Through short sales and put options, VRA Subscribers made more than 1000% when First Solar collapsed in price from $137 to $14.
  • 2013
    As FaceBook imploded following the IPO, Subscribers made over 500% using simple but powerful short selling and options strategies.
  • 2014
    Locked in gains of more than 1200% using Stocks, ETF's and Options.
These timely recommendations represent a small sampling of the profit situations we have been able to lock in since 2003. NOW...the really big gains are about to begin!

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